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Welcome to Prince & Prince Park Residences!

Everyone of us tries to be different, to have a little bit of originality and to achieve the clients expectations. Harmoniously combining the confort and the intimity of apartments in a very famous structure, our goal is to provide fine services, modern facilities and a welcoming place similar to home. Offering for rental apartments in the hotel, you can choose any level of comfort: Prince Residence, a 3 stars hotel ideal for businessmen, tourists or families and the Prince Park Residence, classified 4 stars hotel where sophisticated and elegant arrangements are completed by the employees professionalism. The ideal solution for a relaxing stay! A touch of luxury and privacy in the center of Bucharest! We invite you to be our guest!


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An oasis of peace and relaxation away from the crowded city. Enjoy the miraculous effects of a Turkish bath or the benefits of a massage performed by professionals. Certainly, you will regain energy for the next days of the week.


When a delicious coffee makes the day more beautiful. The perfect meeting place for those who want to enjoy a good coffee during business meetings or for those who want to relax with a pint of cold beer while watching the favorite football match. Here you will find a welcoming atmosphere at any time of the day, whether you want to find the first news since the early morning hours serving a cappuccino or come together with other friends in order to share experiences occurred during the week.

Special Dishes and delightful ambience. Among the historic villas of "Little Paris", a few steps from the Romanian Patriarchal Palace, rises an elegant building with modern accents. Located inside Hotel Prince Park Residence, Restaurant Il Giardino Segreto will meet in a pleasant savory menu filled with classic flavors of Italian cuisine, Mediterranean and international. The restaurant was recently opened with a constant attention to the small details, everything to create an environment as elegant and pleasant. Harmonious colors, wooden tables decorated with fragrant flowers and large windows will invite you to visit us for a gourmet dinning experience. We warmly welcome you to taste one of the chef's special dishes!


Inside Bucharest - Tourist attractions -Tour 1 (minimum 2 pers) 4 hours > open offer <

Inside Bucharest - Tourist attractions -Tour 1

The Arch of Triumph - Calea Victoriei (Victory Avenue) - Cantacuzino Palace - The Royal Palace - The Romanian Athenaeum - Romanian Opera - Sutu Palace - Kretzulescu Church - Parliament Palace - Metropolitan Church - Museum of the Romanian Peasant - Village Museum - Free Press Square

For groups bigger than 3 persons the price will be 25 euro/pers
Inside Bucharest - Tourist attractions -Tour 1
Inside Bucharest - Tourist attractions -Tour 2 Visit 5 museums in half day! > open offer <

Inside Bucharest - Tourist attractions -Tour 2

History Museum - Village Museum - Museum of the Romanian Peasant - Military Museum - George Enescu Museum
Inside Bucharest - Tourist attractions -Tour 2
Studio 4**** Weekend romantic > open offer <

Studio 4****

Fructe + bomboane + Prosecco in camera
Sauna/Baie turceasca
Mic dejun in camera
Aranjamente florale
Studio 4****

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Beautiful modern room. Was clean and had air conditioning that worked well. Room had wifi. Had a balcony which is always a +

Leana Inghilterra

Great place to stay

The location, the space, the comfort, daily service, fast WiFi, secure car parking [at extra cost - but easy parking on the street available], having a balcony with a small view to the People's Parliament and friendly receptionist. Naamah Enders was more than helpful and she deserve a medel of hospitality

Australia anonimo








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List fairs
  1. 15.06-15.08 SHOWROOM MOBILA Expozitie permanenta de mobila
  2. 25-28.02 TTR I ( Tārgul de turism al Romāniei
  3. 25-28.02 TMA ( Festival de spiritualitate, medicina alternativa si terapii complementare
  4. 25-28.02 ROMAN1AN NAUTIC EXPO ( Expozitie internationala de ambarcatiuni de agrement, sportive si de pescuit,echipamente si accesorii
  5. 25-28.02 EXPO SPORT 5IAGREMENT ( Expozitie de articole sportive, echipamente si accesorii
  6. 25-28.02 TARG DE PRODUSETRADITIONALE I (www.targprodusetraditionalexo) Tārg de produse cu specific romānesc
  7. 03-06.03 EXPO UTILAJE AGRICOLE ( Expozitiede sisteme agricole, tehnologii si utilaje
  8. 04-06.03 BUCHAREST PET EXHIBITION ( Expozitie de animale de companie
  9. 04-06.03 PRIMAVARA LA ROMEXPO ( Tārg de bunuri de larg consum
  10. 17-20.03 EXPO IT HOUSE ( Expozitie de gadget-uri, hardware, software si gaming
  11. 07-10.04 CONSTRUCT EXPO ( Tārg international de tehnologii, echipamente, utilaje si materiale pentru constructii
  12. 07-10.04 IMMOEX Salon de servicii imobiliare īn cadrul Construct Expo
  13. 07-10.04 AEDIFICIUM Salon de proiecte rezidentiale īn cadrul Construct Expo
  14. 07-10.04 ELEVATEX Salon de ascensoare īn cadrul Construct Expo
  15. 07-10.04 AMBIENT EXPO ( Tārg international de produse?i sisteme pentru amenajari interioare si exterioare, decoratiuni, mobilier si piscine
  16. 07-10.04 ROMTHERM ( Expozitie internationala pentru instalatii, echipamente de īncalzire,racire si de conditionare a aerului
  17. 07-10.04 X-ROMENVIROTEC ( Expozitie internationala pentru tehnologii si echipamente de protectia mediului
  18. 07-10.04 MOBILA EXPO ( Tārg de mobila cu vānzare
  19. 07-10.04 EXPO FLOWERS & GARDEN ( Expozitie internationala de flori, amenajari peisagistice, horticultura si gradinarit
  20. 07-10.04 ANTIQUE MARKET I ( Tārg de obiecte de arta si antichitati
  21. 07-10.04 TĀRG DE PRODUSE TRADITIONALE II ( Tārg de produse cu specific romānesc
  22. 14-16.04 DENTA 1 ( Expozitie internationala de produse si echipamente pentru medicina sitehnica dentara
  23. 14-16.04 ROMMEDICA ( Tārg international de medicina si farmacie
  24. 14-16.04 EXPOVIEW Salon de optica medicala si oftalmologie īn cadrul Rommedica
  25. 14-16.04 BEAUTIFY Salon de chirurgie estetica īn cadrul Rommedica
  26. 22-24.04 AUTOEXPOTEHNICA ( Expozitie internationala de componente si accesorii auto
  27. 22-24.04 AUTO EXPO ( Expozitie de autoturisme, camioane si utilitare
  28. 03-05.06 BUCHAREST WOMEN DAYS Festivalul Femeilor
  29. 02-05.06 TIBCO ( Tārg international de bunuri de larg consum
  30. 02-05.06 PROSHOP Salon de sisteme de expunere spatii comerciale īn cadrul Tibco
  31. 02-05.06 EXPO SERVICES Salon de servicii īn cadrul Tibco
  32. 02-05.06 K1DEX ( Expozitie de produse si servicii pentru bebelusi, viitoare mamici, parinti si copii
  33. 02-05.06 TARG DE PRODUSE TRADITIONALE III ( Tārg de produse cu specific romānesc
  34. 02-05.06 SENIOR EXPO Tārg dedicat seniorilor
  35. 17-19.06 URBAN FEST Festival de cultura urbana
  36. 14-18.09 BIFE-SIM ( Tārg international de mobila, echipamente si accesorii
  37. 14-18.09 ANTIQUE MARKET II ( Tārg de obiecte de arta si antichitati
  38. 14-18.09 TARG DE PRODUSE TRADITIONALE IV ( Tārg de produsecu specific romānesc
  39. 23-25.09 ECO FEST Festiva I dedicat comunitatii eco-bio din Romānia
  40. 27-30.09 PACK EXPO ( Expozitie internationala pentru ambalaje, materiale, masini si echipamente specifice
  41. 29.09-02.10 COSMETICS BEAUTY HAIR ( Expozitie internationala de produse si echipamente pentru cosmetica, ingrijire corporala si coafura
  42. 29.09-02.10 MODEXPO ( Expozitie internationala de tesaturi textile, īmbracaminte, pielarie,blanarie, īncaltaminte si marochinarie, accesorii
  43. 29.09-02.10 TARG DE PRODUSE TRADITIONALE V ( Tārg de produse cu specific romānesc
  44. 12-15.10 TIB ( Tā rgu I Tehnic International Bucuresti
  45. 12-15.10 EXPOENERGIE ( Tārg international de energie regenerabila, energie conven?ionala,echipamente si tehnologii pentru industria de petrol si gaze naturale
  46. 12-15.10 INVENTIKA ( Salon de inventii si inovatii
  47. 12-15.10 TARG DE PRODUSE TRADITIONALE VI ( Tārg de produse cu specific romānesc
  48. 20-22.10 DENTA II ( Expozite internationala de produse si echipamente pentru medicina si tehnica dentara
  49. 02-06.11 INDAGRA ( Tārg international de produse si echipamente din domeniul agriculturii,horticulturii, viticulturii si zootehniei
  50. 02-06.11 INDAGRA FOOD ( Tārg international pentru industria alimentara
  51. 02-06.11 EXPO DRINK & WINE ( Tārg de vinuri, bauturi alcoolice si non-alcoolice
  52. 02-06.11 TĀRG DE PRODUSETRADITIONALE VII ( Tārg de produse cu specific romānesc
  53. 17-20.11 TTR II ( Tārgul de Turism al Romāniei
  54. 17-20.11 ROMHOTEL ( Expozitie internationala de echipamente, mobilier si dotari pentru hoteluri si restaurante
  55. 17-20.11 FOOD INTERNATIONAL Salon international de gastronomie īn cadrul Romhotel
  56. 16-20.11 T?RG DE PRODUSE TRADITIONALE VIII ( Tārg de produse cu specific romānesc
  57. 01-11.12 TARGUL CADOURILOR DE CRACIUN ( Tārg de cadouri, decoratiuni si suveniruri
  58. 09-10.12 YABBA DABA DOO Festival dedicat familiei si copiilor
  59. 31.12 REVELION 2017


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  • Str. Principatele Unite Nr. 38-40, District 4, Bucharest
  • 0040 21335 03 34
  • 0040756 026 894
  • 0040 213 357 407

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Salvo Andolina / owner


Otilia Spiridon / director


Paolo Dell'Arte / owner

marketing manager

Loredana Neacsu / marketing manager


Adrian Gheorghiu / receptionist


Vali Constantin / receptionist


Lidia Nicole / receptionist


Isacov Ana Maria / receptionist